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[Ictus] SAFE in Berlin (Pfleiderer, Omelchuk), March 13th

Safe starts out like a live concert, but gradually transforms into a sound journey into the innermost being, using headphones and the binaural stereo technique.

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[Ictus] Fafchamps plays Feldman | Brigittines, March 7th

Thirty years after his anthological recording for SubRosa, Jean-Luc Fafchamps performs once more this supernatural page for solo piano, in one of the most magical concert places in Brussels.

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[Ictus] Pesson / Lescot: Trois Contes [World premiere, Lille Opera]

A NEW OPERA after H. Ch. Andersen, L. Foschini and E. A. Poe.

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[Ictus] Ictus at BRIGITTINES (Febr 7th | March 7th)

Gérard Pesson, Gavin Bryars, Christopher Fox, Philip Glass.

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[Ictus] Einstein on the Beach (Philip Glass), with Suzanne Vega

An open space and an Einsteinian time dilation for this very unusual concert: 200 minutes of rhythmic high-speed micro-surgery, contrasting dramatically with the text that is whispered into the mic. We will perform this sensational score, which dates from 1976, — from Philip Glass’s vicious experimental period, both very radical and very poppy — with Collegium Vocale Gent (choruses) and Suzanne Vega, who is even more charming thirty years after Tom’s Diner, as the narrator, and who takes on all the roles in this opera. The audience is free to wander in and out, the gap between stage and audience blurred thanks to Germaine Kruip’s visual intervention.

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[Ictus] New season 2018-19

  discover the new  ictus season > NEDERLANDS > ENGLISH > FRANÇAIS  

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[Ictus] Ictus in Brigittines : Sciarrino

        April 19th, 20:30 Brigittines [Brussels] Chryssi Dimitriou, flutes Jeroen Robbrecht, viola   Spirito [Salvatore Sciarrino]       Salvatore Sciarrino: Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi?, 1985, for flute Salvatore Sciarrino: Ai limiti della notte, 1979, for viola Stefano Scodanibbio: Ritorno a Cartagena, 2001 Salvatore Sciarrino: Tre Notturni Brillanti, 1974-1975 Salvatore Sciarrino: Lettera [...]

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[Ictus] Q-O2 symposium : Sound & Participation

Ictus | Q-02 symposium and workshops :Sound & Participation, Feb. 26 > March 3 >READ MORE (programme details) Two days of conference and three days of workshops will present and unpack the shapes and possibilities of participatory sound art and music practices today. TALKS by Bill Dietz, Manuela Naveau, Brandon LaBelle,  Carolyn Chen, David Helbich, Tarek Atoui,  [...]

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[Ictus] Liquid Room VIII, Phrases

Liquid Room VIII : Phrases  Kaaitheater, Saturday 20th >READ MORE >TEASER 140 minutes of music on four stages Jesse Broekman, Francesco Filidei, Bernard Heidsieck, Robin Hoffmann, Heinz Holliger, Tom Johnson, Panayiotis Kokoras, Bernhard Lang, Arthur Lavandier, Alessandro Perini, Michael Pisaro, Eva Reiter, Burkhard Stangl, Simon Steen-Andersen Kaaitheater, January 20th, 20:30     Ictus Ensemble, contemporary [...]

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[Ictus] New Ictus CD : MANI by Pierluigi Billone

Ictus and Sub Rosa present MANI. «  An esthetics of sensation » | Double CD and film | Music by Pierluigi Billone | Performed by Tom De Cock | Filmed by Joachim Thôme | Contra Naturam, 2018 This double CD is accompanied by a 20 minutes long video by Joachim Thôme, meticulously displaying the special ’touch’ that is [...]

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