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[Ictus] Ictus at MaerzMusik : The Lichtenberg Figures (Eva Reiter)

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Ictus, Eva Reiter (voice), Georges-Elie Octors (cond.)
Berliner Festspiele, March 18, 2017

After the concert in Frankfurt one blogger suggested it could be The Pierrot Lunaire 
of the 21st century ; another controversially stated Bankruptcy of Neue Musik. Judge for yourself !

The composer, Eva Reiter herself electronically processes her voice in real time to offer a fascinating spoken word rendition (Ben Lerner’s collection of sonnets which lends its name to the evening), shot through with lyrical musings. All of this is set against the background of an orchestration whose electric and envenomed impact brings to mind Romitelli at the height of his musical powers. An hour of trembling darkness, a “sounding psychogram of society”.


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