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[Vertigo] Apply for the VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residencies Program

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Artist or creative ?
Apply for the VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residencies Program
Apply for a grant to collaborate on an R&D ICT-Project and access emerging technologies to produce an original artwork.
VERTIGO is a program which organizes 45 artistic residencies over a 3-year period in order to create new synergies between artistic communities, cultural institutions and innovation stakeholders.
Artists accompagned by their producer choose the R&D ICT-Project they want to collaborate on from a list of available projects. This residency will provide the opportunity to develop the production of an orginal artwork, a fresh approach to innovation challenges.
Artists, the European program lets you:
>COLLABORATE on an ICT R&D project
> DESIGN original prototypes
> OBTAIN support for commissioned works
> BENEFIT from the exposure of a unique cultural network
Opening of the call for artists accompagned by their producer
April 21st – May 22nd, 2017
Artistic residencies in R&D projects beginning in September 2017
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Supported by the European Commission DG Connect as a part of the STARTS platform-Science, Technology and the ARTS-H2020 program
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