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[International Music Council] Music World News 12/2017


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Music World News


The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world – brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

Issue 12/2017 – 28 June 2017

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Roadmap for 2019: The Five Music Rights in Action

Paris, 16 June 2017. – The 37th General Assembly of the International Music Council took place in Pafos (Cyprus), 11–12 June 2017, in the framework of the 7th European Forum on Music which looked at the theme “Music and Cultural Diplomacy: Linking Continents – Bridging Cultures”.

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How an Ancient Singing Tradition Helps People Cope With Trauma in the Modern World

In lament singing, positive descriptions are used: Things are sweet, light, bright, dear, or wonderful.

Yes Magazine

Why my guitar gently weeps

The slow, secret death of the six-string electric. And why you should care.

The Washington Post

Evolution, revolution, smevolution: The future of classical music

Classical music may be the art of the sublime, liquid architecture and all the rest, but it has nonetheless always been a long-suffering kingdom of kvetching.

The Los Angeles Times

The woman who could « draw » music

One of electronica’s pioneers, Daphne Oram helped revolutionise music but remains surprisingly little known. A new play puts her offbeat life, and accomplishments, into the spotlight.


Maroc: Musique gharnatie, un patrimoine artistique ancestrale qui refuse de tomber dans l’Oubli

Malgré la rude concurrence et la multiplicité des formes musicales, la musique gharnatie garde une place de choix chez les Oujdis qui continuent à admirer cette musique, un patrimoine artistique ancestral sans âge qui refuse de tomber dans l’oubli.

All Africa

Music Industry

Is Sony about to buy Believe Digital in a nine-figure deal?

Distribution and label services specialist Believe (previously known as Believe Digital) is up for sale – and could be going to a major label.

Music Business Worldwide

Gibson Brands transforms guitar-making into diverse ‘music lifestyle’ firm

“Technology is a wonderful thing, but technology doesn’t always sit well [with consumers], mostly because there’s not enough marketing dollars to let everybody know what it’s all about.”

The Los Angeles Times

Elon Musk’s Tesla looks set to launch its own music streaming service

US-based luxury car group has reportedly been speaking to major labels.

Music Business Worldwide

The Incredible Shrinking Royalty Check: Apple Music Joins Spotify In Demanding Lower Payments To Artists, Labels

It was inevitable that other music streamers would seek reductions after Spotify negotiated lower royalty payments.


Que vaut un musicien de nos jours (numériques)?

Le partage de la valeur créée est un sujet conflictuel partout, mais dans la musique, on atteint des sommets!

France Culture

Music Education

Bring back music education in Ghana

The Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has advised the government to reinstate music education to the school curriculum.

Music in Africa

Discover ScaleTracks

‘I don’t like scales and arpeggios’ – how many times have we heard this as teachers?


To elevate the role of arts education, measure it

A persistent problem for arts education has been a lack of research, and much of this has been due to a lack of data.


Eveil musical : que choisir pour mon enfant ?

Comment sensibiliser son enfant à la musique ? Vous êtes nombreux à vous poser plein de questions. A tort ou à raison ? Réponse en 7 points, conseils de professionnels à la clé.

France Musique

Why not put music at the heart of education?

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to read music and play an instrument, not just the kids of thrusting middle-class parents.

The Guardian

Policy, Research & Politics

How CBC Radio Used To Share Canadian Music with the World

The creation of original Canadian compositions, for use in its music programs, was at the core of the mandate of CBC Radio from its beginning.

The Whole Note

Under the guns: Kashmiri girls help preserve Sufi music traditions

When Kashmiri teenager Shabnam Bashir first took up classical Sufi music three years ago, she had to practice singing in secret because all the men in her family opposed her new passion.

The News

Racist Band Names Are Protected Free Speech, Supreme Court Says…

The Supreme Court just dropped a seriously anti-PC decision this morning. And you have the band ‘The Slants’ to thank for it. So who are The Slants? Well, they’re a group a Asian-Americans that purposely owned the racist term and made it a band name.

Digital Music News

India’s Reggae Resistance: Defending Dissent Under Modi

An Indian reggae musician builds a Jamaican-style sound system to energise a wave of protests defending free speech.

Al Jazeera

Long-silenced songs of Holocaust survivors are rediscovered

When the death camps and ghettos of Europe were liberated at the end of World War II, a psychologist from Chicago visited former prisoners and recorded their interviews. Unheard for decades, a long-missing reel of songs has been rediscovered, offering a haunting document of the horrors of the Holocaust.


Congo-Kinshasa: Paris – La préfecture de police interdit le concert de Fally Ipupa à La Cigale

Dans l’arrêté publié sur son site Internet, la préfecture de police de Paris évoque «des risques de troubles graves à l’ordre public que ce concert était susceptible de générer».

All Africa

Technologies and media

On The Stradivarius Myth

In 2011, the Stradivarius violin known as the “Lady Blunt” sold for $15.9 million—four times the amount for any previous Stradivarius.

Pieces of History

Google’s AI invents sounds humans have never heard before

The idea is that NSynth, which Google first discussed in a blog post last month, will provide musicians with an entirely new range of tools for making music.


Creative engineering and what broadcasters can learn from the music industry

Advances in technology mean that broadcast engineers have an increasingly important role to play in aiding the creative process.


5 start-up qui réinventent l’écoute de la musique

Qui sont les nouveaux acteurs de ce secteur qui renoue progressivement avec la croissance?

French Web

Raise Your Hand If You Still Like Music Downloads

Music downloading is far from dead, according to a just-released study. In fact, offline listening is far more common than streaming online. But what’s keeping this format alive?

Digital Music News

The Pointy End

The Self-Playing Violins That Mastered Chopin

The robotic Phonoliszt-Violin was dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” in 1910.

Atlas Obscura

Coping Strategies For Dealing With Performance Anxiety And Stage Fright

Whether a sold out stadium or an open mic night, stage fright can affect many in the performance industry, and is something artists are, more often than not, likely to have to deal with.


From page to stage

10 operas adapted from books.

Royal Opera House

Yoko Ono Will Share Credit for John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

“Imagine,” John Lennon’s seminal 1971 ballad for a utopian future without religion, borders or property, is getting a co-writer: Lennon’s widow and collaborator, Yoko Ono.

The New York Times


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