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[International Music Council] Music World News 13/2017


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Music World News


The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world – brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

Issue 13/2017 – 12 July 2017

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Never heard of skiffle?

Most people with even a cursory interest in popular music could name the king of rock ‘n’ roll and the king of pop, but ask them who the king of skiffle was and you might get a blank stare, perhaps followed by a query: What’s skiffle?

Dallas News

Classical music’s blurred boundaries

The ‘classical music’ label is proving outdated for many of today’s creative artists who thrive on the ever-decreasing gap between the art form and other music genres.


The Greatest Music Festival in History

The idea for Monterey Pop, a model for subsequent rock music festivals from Woodstock to Bonnaroo, emerged from a conversation in early 1967 among Paul McCartney, the record producer Lou Adler and the folk rock band the Mamas and the Papas.

The New York Times

Musique Concrète – Pioneering Electronic Music

During World War Two the first tape recorder was used by the Nazi propaganda machine to broadcast material edited using a dextrous razor blade.

Sound Matters

Le rap au Burkina Faso

Le mouvement hip-hop au Burkina Faso a connu ces moments de gloire en fin des années 90. Au début, c’est la passion qui guidait ces jeunes, pour la plupart encore à l’école.

Music in Africa

Music Industry

The Streaming Problem: How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed the Music Industry

On a website with more than 100 million active daily users, there are plenty of ways to game the system, be it for attention, or, if the streams pile up enough, profit.


Why Streaming Is No Longer An Existential Threat To The Music Industry

“The rapid adoption of streaming platforms by consumers has generated engagement with music on a scale that we’ve never seen before.”


Two Major Mid-Year Reports Show A Growing Music Industry

Two new studies by leading music industry data and analytics firms BuzzAngle and Nielsen offer a deep dive into music consumption in the first half of 2017.


So… who’s actually behind Spotify’s fake artists?

Across just the names mentioned here, this music has racked up more than 75m Spotify streams to date.

Music Business Worldwide

L’industrie du disque en Centrafrique

Si partout ailleurs, beaucoup se font de l’argent dans la production et la commercialisation des disques musicaux, en République centrafricaine, la réalité est, de loin, différente : l’industrie du disque est aujourd’hui quasi inexistante.

Music in Africa

Music Education

Why the whole industry should support music lessons

While the MI industry is not responsible for school budgets, it’s beneficial to every element of the sector to do anything they can to support young people getting into music.

MI Pro

Pharrell launches iPad music education company

The first instalment teaches kids to play ‘Happy’.

Fact Magazine

Qui est derrière El Sistema Greece ?

Encore récent, le projet El Sistema Greece se développe petit à petit avec l’aide de personnalités très différentes, venues de Grèce ou du monde entier. Découverte et rencontres sur place, à Athènes, dans le premier volet de ce carnet de bord.

France Musique

Are holographic teachers the future of music education?

It wasn’t too long ago that our vision of what the near future would look like consisted of robots and machines helping humans go about their daily lives, serving them at restaurants, and even providing companionship.

MI Pro

Bring back music education in Ghana

The Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has advised the government to reinstate music education to the school curriculum.

Music in Africa

Policy, Research & Politics

How pop music built liberal Britain

The tents may be down but the spirit of Glastonbury lives on – while the Tories are stuck in the 1950s.

The Guardian

Crackdown Chills Hong Kong’s Indie Music Scene

Just after the rock band finished its set, a squad of police officers in riot gear swept into the industrial building, past the freight-elevator lobby, and through the doors of Hidden Agenda, a ground-floor music club in Hong Kong.

The New York Times

Jean-Michel Jarre: ‘We’re Living In A Medieval Dark Digital Age’

Having long campaigned on the behalf of artists and rights holders, Jarre was elected president of global creators’ organisation CISAC in 2013 and re-elected to serve a second term last year.


Watch 5 Moments When Classical Music Met Politics

Here are five memorable moments of musical diplomacy.

The New York Times

The Venezuelan government’s newest opponent is a state-funded orchestra

On May 4, an 18-year-old violist named Armando Cañizales marched against the government in Venezuela.

The Conversation

Culture, Commerce et Numérique

Enjeux et retombées économiques et artistiques de la diffusion et de la distribution en ligne de contenus
culturels locaux.


Technologies and media

Plymouth professor’s ‘digi hat’ could rock music streaming

A hat that measures brain signals could be the future of music on the go.


Opera as T.V. Serial

The opera consists of a dozen chapters each between six and 20 minutes long, took three years to develop, and involved a crew of 400 musicians, singers, stagehands, and postproduction technicians.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Why The Music Industry Needs Computer Coders

Our culture and education system may have traditionally considered computer coding and artistic creation as separate endeavors. But given the essential role of technology in the expanded music industry as it is now, it seems like the ability to code is a competency that music creators and sellers could certainly work harder at and understand more.


The Secrets of Successful Podcast Music

There’s something fundamentally different about the music that’s written for radio, even by great pop writers whose work seems effortlessly catchy—primarily, it’s not supposed to be very catchy.


Shimon, le premier robot capable d’écrire et jouer de la musique

Le premier robot capable d’écrire et jouer de la musique s’appelle Shimon. Avec ses 4 bras, il joue du marimba. Et avec ses réseaux neuronaux artificiels, il est capable d’écrire ses propres chansons .

Sciences et Avenir

The Pointy End

How maths helps us understand why music moves people

Music is known to provoke the senses, give pleasure and sometimes move people to tears. Surely this has little to do with mathematical models which are so frequently associated with cold and rational logic.

The Conversation

‘I think I’m in with a chance’: Annie Lennox ‘scouted’ by US radio

Multiple award winning singer shares a message from radio employee inviting her to submit music for consideration.

The Guardian

Canberra’s First Dementia Choir Is An Alternative To Medication

Established in late 2016, Canberra’s first choir for people experiencing dementia now has 60 members. The group is called The Alchemy Chorus and was initiated by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Music Australia

Why Do Orchestras Tune to an A-Note Pitch at 440Hz?

The sound of an orchestra tuning is instantly recognizable. As soon as you hear it, you know exactly what’s about to happen. But there is a simple reason why a whole lot of tuning orchestras sound awfully alike — they are tuning to the same pitch frequency, an A at 440 hertz.



Si elle fait rire, danser, pleurer, elle peut aussi vous transformer. À condition de savoir l’écouter, la musique est un formidable instrument de connaissance de soi à votre portée.



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