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[International Music Council] Music World News 16/2017


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Music World News


The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world – brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

Issue 16/2017 – 06 September 2017

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Five Music Rights endorsment by Patty Smith

Singer, songwriter and poet Patti Smith was among the laureates of the American Eagle Awards organized by the National Music Council of the US. In her acceptance speech she read the IMC Five Music Rights because « it is nice to hear them orally so they stay within our mind ».

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‘Hello Asia, Sydney calling’: Eurovision Asia officially on its way

The European Broadcasting Union, which produces the Eurovision Song Contest, launched an official website and media campaign announcing the coming event.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, and One Night in New York City

Since the nineteen-sixties, there have not been jazz musicians as artistically significant and generally popular as Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, or Bill Evans. Today, jazz music is a miscellaneous collection of wide-ranging and disputed genres that stands to the side of American culture.

The New Yorker

Uncovering Somalia’s forgotten music of the 1970s

A trove of recordings that survived ‘Africa’s Dresden’ is a window into how music once flourished under a dictatorship.

Al Jazeera

Alim Gasimov, Golden Voice of Nation

This voice…a reminiscent of echoes in the mountains and the rustling winds of desert. This is the voice of legendary Alim Gasimov, a genuine soulman and brilliant mugham singer of Azerbaijan.


Silk Road Cultural Belt

With an international music project an orchestra fosters exchange between classical music fans around the world.

Germany Land of Ideas

Cuba, la musique et le monde

On comprend mieux pourquoi ces années-là plusieurs compositeurs s’inspirent de thèmes religieux ou spirituels. Durant l’été 1994, 35 0000 balseros, les Boat people cubains, ont quitté leur pays pour la Floride. Un grand nombre hélas n’est jamais arrivé.

France Musique

Music Industry

Summer of Stats: The Musicbiz in figures

The summer of 2017 is shaping up to be a season of uncertainty. Some areas of the music industry are faltering while others appear to be doing remarkably well. New technology also is playing a role. How will it all play out? Only time will tell.


SoundCloud Saved By The Bell Of A Big Chunk Of Financing

SoundCloud and the uploads of its many rappers, producers, noise bands and nascent podcasts are safe, for now.


Thanks to streaming services, China’s consumers have begun paying for music

The market is dominated by one company: Tencent, the biggest of the country’s online giants.

The Economist

‘Despacito’ Effect: Behind This Year’s Latin Music Revolution

« Despacito » and « Mi Gente » are leading a surge of Spanish-language songs on the charts as mainstream artists and labels get in on the action.


YouTube Music rémunérerait plus les artistes que ses concurrents

YouTube cherche à faire grimper sa cote de popularité chez les artistes et tente pour cela de les toucher au porte-monnaie. L’idée étant de leur rappeler le potentiel qu’a YouTube sur le marché musical tout en cherchant à se montrer plus transparent.

Les Numériques

Music Education

Flea: Removing Music Education From Schools Is ‘Child Abuse’

Flea has strong words for politicians looking to cut music-education programs from public schools: « It’s child abuse, » he says. « It’s just wrong. »

Rolling Stones

Why music is an education game-changer

While literacy and numeracy are core competencies that every student should have, research has shown that learning music can help students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and team work.

The Educator

Should music teachers strive for perfection or participation?

In the world of music we hear the word ‘talent’ an awful lot. And the general opinion is that some people have a natural talent and others just don’t.


Fender on its music-learning move: ‘we’re not guitar hero’

“This fundamentally changes the nature of how we talk to beginner guitar players. We’ve always sold them guitars and amps, but we’ve never been part of the learning process other than ‘here’s the instrument’. »


Don’t Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You.

Surely one day the ability to interface directly with the nanomachinery connected to our brains will render computer science as we know it obsolete.

The New York Times

Policy, Research & Politics

Venezuela Cancels Gustavo Dudamel Tour After His Criticisms

After struggling to remain above the fray, the conductor Gustavo Dudamel has increasingly criticized the rulers of his native Venezuela this year as an escalating political crisis has roiled the nation. Now he is facing the consequences.

The New York Times

American protest music flourishes under Donald Trump presidency

How can musicians respond to a turbulent political landscape?


Religion and music in Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is not a monolithic entity, contrary to how it is often described in mass media. It has a dominant Muslim population, but also an appreciation for music.

Music in Africa

Spotify Removes Racist Music In Response To Charlottesville

Spotify and other streaming services have begun removing white supremacist content from their platforms, as websites and musicians alike scramble to distance themselves from the white nationalist movement.


Audience Development: The Long Haul Model

A New Paradigm that Solves the Problems of Audience Attrition, Churn, and Aging.


Centrafrique : 5 chansons pour la paix

La dernière décennie de la République Centrafricaine a été particulièrement agitée et tourmentée sur le plan politique. De nombreuses crises miliaires se sont enchaînées, laissant le peuple dans le désarroi. Face à la terreur, des voix d’artistes se sont élevées pour chanter contre la guerre.

Music in Africa

Technologies and media

Humanoid robot to conduct Italian orchestra playing Verdi works alongside tenor Andrea Bocelli

The robot, called YuMi, will be the closest a humanoid has come to mastering the nuances of a human orchestra director when he performs.

The Telegraph

Adjust The Beat! Tech Entrepreneurs And Music Labels Unite To Make Music Adaptable

When we try to adjust the beat of a song, its quality usually degrades. Going for a faster tempo leads to the “chipmunk effect”, where the pitch of instruments and voices goes up. And with lower tempos, the mood of the song moves towards the score of a scary movie.


Millennials on millennials – digital music and communication

Volume II of Nielsen’s Millennials on Millenials report series offers critical insight into Millennials influence and engagement.


Why you can’t download all the streaming media you want

Your online life is an embarrassment of media riches. You can hear virtually every song ever recorded through Spotify, or jump onto YouTube and find a million covers and mashups.


Les ordinateurs connaissent la musique

Quand l’intelligence artificielle se fait musicienne. Des chercheurs suisses ont mis au point un algorithme capable de créer des partitions de musique après un véritable apprentissage.

Le Républicain Lorrain

The Pointy End

Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?

More and more singers are cancelling big shows and turning to surgery to fix their damaged vocal cords. But is the problem actually down to the way they sing?

The Guardian

The Best Seat in the Concert Hall

A concert hall can have thousands of seats. Prices can range from affordable to exorbitant. So where are the best seats with respect to sound? Is more expensive always better?


Why 10 minutes of silence has climbed iTunes charts

Samir Mezrahi’s silent track solves the problem of the same song playing each time a phone is plugged into a car.

The Star

Leonardo da Vinci’s forgotten musical invention has been created for the first time

The viola organista was dreamt up by Leonardo da Vinci but until recently it had never been built. Now, a Polish instrument-maker has painstakingly created the first ever example and it sounds remarkable.

Classic FM

Pourquoi une musique donne-t-elle le frisson ?

Activation du centre du plaisir et des émotions, libération de dopamine… la musique entraîne toutes sortes de réactions dans notre corps.

Science & Vie


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