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[International Music Council] Music World News 17/2017


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Music World News


The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world – brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

Issue 17/2017 – 20 September 2017

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Listen, Vote, Win

Listen, Vote, Win is an unique intiative that allows you to listen to the works presented at the last International Rostrum of Composers. These works are the most fresh compositions in the contemporary music world, they come from all over the world and you will not find them elsewhere!


IMC Member of Honour Leo Brouwer receives recognition

The prestigious Cuban guitarist, composer and orchestra conductor Leo Brouwer will be honored on September 12 with the title of Honorary Professor of the Argentine University Tres de Febrero where he will offer an open talk.

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Does Leonard Bernstein have any heirs?

Composer, conductor, activist, teacher, rule-breaker, American icon: Leonard Bernstein was a towering figure for the many American musicians who came in his turbulent wake. And yet, he was not an intimidating one.

The Washington Post

Pioneering Italian Women in Electronic Music

Together with France, Germany and England, Italy has been one of the most influential European countries involved in the development of early electronic music.

Red Bull Music Academy

La musique populaire en Érythrée

Les années 1960 marquent le début de la musique populaire érythréenne. La scène musicale explose avec l’arrivée de Kagnew Station, la radio de l’armée américaine installée dans la capitale Asmara, qui diffuse de la musique américaine.

Music in Africa

Music Industry

Tech advances alter hierarchy of music industry

Streaming allows small record labels to reach global listeners without the hefty costs of pressing and shipping CDs, a roadblock that has helped keep the big three labels — Universal Music, Sony and Warner — in command of the world’s popular music.

Financial Times

Spotify questions whether mechanical royalties are even due on a stream

The ongoing debacle around the payment of mechanical royalties on streams in the US has taken a very interesting turn indeed, as Spotify responds to the latest litigation filed on this dispute by asking: what if no mechanical royalties are due on streams at all?

Complete Music Update

The History of the Music Industry’s First-Ever Digital Single For Sale

In September 1997, Capitol Records made history by releasing Duran Duran’s « Electric Barbarella » as the internet’s first-ever digital single for sale, heralding a massive shift in how the music industry operates.


The music industry bands together to finally get paid online

Last fall, A group of music industry heavyweights gathered in New York City to do something they’d mostly failed to do up to that point: work together.


Spotify, YouTube Music to End Free Streaming

Free streaming contributes a pittance to the overall music industry. So why not just kill it?

Digital Music News

L’industrie musicale génère toujours de l’argent, mais les gagnants ne sont plus les mêmes

Le marché de la musique est en pleine évolution depuis déjà plusieurs années, mais, pour la première fois, la vente de musique digitale dépasse les ventes physiques.


Music Education

Trained musicians make better decisions

Parents aware of how music training can boost their children’s cognitive development may be eager to get them into a practice room as early as possible. But new research suggests there may be an advantage to holding off for a few years.

Pacific Standard

The price of learning: Some things to know about music lessons for children

Private lessons are beyond the reach of many families and even music programs at public schools can come at a price.

USA Today

The 15 Best Music Business Schools In 2017

“Musicians today need to understand how to survive in a way that does not compromise their music,” says guitarist-trumpeter Erik Miron, 30, who graduated from USC Thornton in 2009. An understanding of business helps, he says, as long as “it remains in service to the art.”


Digital Portfolios in the Music Classroom

As a music educator, you have a front row seat to witness the growth that your students achieve each year. The challenge comes when translating that growth into hard data. But, that data is what administrators really want to see. Digital portfolios offer an effective and efficient answer to this challenge.


Royaume-Uni : l’accès à l’éducation musicale à l’école de plus en plus inégalitaire

A l’occasion de l’inauguration du nouveau music college de Birmingham, le quotidien britannique The Guardian signale des disparités d’accès à l’éducation musicale à l’école de plus en plus criantes au Royaume-Uni.

France Musique

Policy, Research & Politics

Creative Mobilities

In the last years, national and international events dedicated to mobility and to culture for sustainable development increased to address current challenges of our societies.

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France: Congolese musicians’ shows cancelled

On 15 July 2017, Paris police cancelled a concert by Héritier Watanabe, a musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), after venue Olympia repeatedly requested police ban the show after it received frequent threats, reported Le Point.


Civil rights anthem We Shall Overcome freed from copyright

The first verse of the song, which has come to symbolize the spirit of protest, is no longer under copyright after a New York verdict.

The Guardian

Belonging and Becoming

A cultural response to the White Paper on the Future of Europe and the accompanying reflection papers.

Culture Action Europe

Les groupes racistes ne sont plus les bienvenus sur Spotify

Suite à la manifestation rassemblant des suprémacistes blancs qui a eu lieu le 12 août dernier à Charlottesville aux États-Unis et qui a causé la mort d’une jeune femme qui défilait pacifiquement, de nombreux internautes ont demandé à Spotify de chasser les groupes de musique au contenu haineux.


Technologies and media

Writing music using only your mind

Beethoven composed his most important work when he was deaf. But what if he—or any other composer—had an affliction that left them paralyzed? It is possible to write music without the use of one’s hands and arms?

Pacific Standard

AR, VR, AI, and the breakthroughs in music technology

New technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are absolutely disrupting the music industry, but not in a way humans should fear.

The Industry Observer

Culture: The Hazy Glue Between Music & Technology

Music industry people claim to know tech, and people who work at technology companies say they understand music.


How bio-hacking can change the future of music

Could the future of music be body modifications that change the way we interact with instruments and technology, or even a new realm of sound opened up with specialist hearing implants?

Fact Magazine

Sing Your Heart Out

From 8-Track to Laserdisc to CD+G to ISDN lines to YouTube, the different technologies that made karaoke possible.


Le premier album composé par une IA est sorti

Un programme d’intelligence artificielle nommé « Amper » est capable de produire de la musique avec un minimum d’intervention humaine.


The Pointy End

The source of Mozart’s inspiration – a great musical whodunnit

The composer was devoted to his pet starling. But did its singing really contribute to the Piano Concerto in G major?

The Spectator

Manchester people first host rave for learning disabled music fans

BBC has just released a new video charting the story of Manchester’s first rave for those with learning disabilities.

Mix Mag

Want more sales? The data has spoken. Play the right music

Is this not a marketer or business owner’s dream? You want to sell more French wine in your liquor store. What do you do? You play French music while customers are browsing and instantly, sales of French wine shoot up.

Ad News

A Jewish folk song is preserved in a Japanese video game

In the world of video games, the journey ahead might last days or it might last just a few hours, but the soundtracks to those passing hours are often so integral to the game — and steeped in the intensity of a quest — that the music is timeless.


Ecouter de la musique sur son smartphone au travail peut vous coûter cher

La Sabam a réagi, lundi, à l’annonce, samedi, par certains médias du fait que la Société belge des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique réclamait 443 euros à l’employé d’une société d’installation de systèmes d’alarme de Farciennes, qui avait écouté de la musique sur son smartphone.

La Libre


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