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[ICMC] ICMC 2018: Call for Installations, Music, Panel Proposals, Papers, and Workshop Proposals

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2018 invites submissions of installations, music, panel proposals, papers, and workshop proposals to be held in Daegu, South Korea from August 5-10 2018.

Celebrating our 43rd ICMC, the first one in South Korea, we invite the community to consider this year’s theme Preserve | Engage | Advance as it broadly relates to the diverse field of computer music including auditory display, cognition, composition, digital audio effects, digital libraries, DSP, MIR, musicology, multimedia, NIME, performance, perception, soundscape, and WebAudio.

Taking the conference theme to heart ourselves, we are putting forward two programs that we hope will contribute towards the preservation, engagement, and advancement of computer music:

Soundscape Heritage - (1) Capture, archive, and preserve soundscapes through a 3D lens: data-Driven, community-Driven, and art-Driven. (2) Launch campaign to engage the community in "Soundmapping our World" to preserve our soundscape heritage and advance technologies to sense and help mitigate the global urban noise pollution phenomenon.

Computer Music Heritage - (1) Capture, archive, and preserve works presented at ICMCs starting with the 2018 conference, so that they are no longer lost after each conference ends. (2) Explore archive access possibilities including the what, how, and who, in order to advance content-based music exploration for computer pedagogy, research, and discovery.


Installation works

(1) New installation spaces as part of Lotte Facade (adjacent to concert venue, pls see below)

More details forthcoming!

(2) Main exhibition spaces totalling approx. 1,500 m² (16,000 ft²) for at least 30-35 works at the Daegu Art Factory!

Kids Program: "Seeing Music, Hearing Images"

As part of the 2018 ICMC we will offer a computer music program for kids from Mon-Fri (August 6-10, 2018, 9:30 AM-4 PM daily, lunch included) at the Art Factory where all research presentations will be held. The program will include soundwalks, musical storytelling via images and sound, learning about traditional Korean instruments, and music-making. The program will be based on NYU's IMPACT summer program, currently in its 11th iteration, where this summer, we will produce a special curriculum for ICMC participants' children between ages (8-13). More details will be posted shortly on the 2018 ICMC website so please stay tuned!

Other Highlights
Keynote Speakers - Barry Truax and Donoung Lee

Submission Extended Deadline:
March 10, 2018

Additional information includings pictures of spaces:

Submission Method:

Online through submission portal (

Contact: for more details

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