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[International Music Council] Music World News 05/2018


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Music World News


The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world – brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

Issue 05/2018 – 07 March 2018

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Master musician was ‘the father of modern Korean music’

Maestro Hwang Byung-ki took traditional music into modern era, creating ‘music like fresh spring water from a mountain’.

Asia Times

Joan Baez On ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ And Working Through Pessimism

Last year, Baez was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at age 76. Soon after, she announced she would retire from touring after releasing a new album — her first in a decade.


The Evolution of Hocketing

The musical technique known as hocketing has been shaping creative processes for centuries, appearing in forms ranging from medieval classical music to contemporary indie rock and EDM.

Red Bull Music Academy

Why Does the Oboe Tune the Orchestra?

A while back we explored why the orchestra generally tunes to an A at 440 Hz, sometimes 442 Hz, and, for the conspiracy theorists among us, 432 Hz. More often than not the oboe sounds that A.


Au concert ce soir

La musique a toujours eu sa place au théâtre, mais plutôt en coulisse. Depuis quelques années, des auteurs s’attachent aussi à écrire des pièces dont les artistes – de Gainsbourg à Thiéfaine en passant par Dalida – sont les héros. Exploration d’une tendance.


Music Industry

Reinventing The Music Industry – Again

There’s a lot of noise about how the large technology platforms and newer start-ups are disrupting the music business. Some say they are changing the game for the better, whilst others say they are taking money away from the creators.


How bands are escaping the music industry snake pit

Music streaming – playing songs over the internet « on demand » – is widely regarded as having saved the music industry, following an era of music piracy marked by falling CD and vinyl sales.


Amazon launches music streaming service in India

The music service will compete, among others, with Tencent-backed local rival Gaana, which is raising $115 million in new funding, and Apple Inc’s music service.


The CD Business Isn’t Dying—It’s Just Evolving

As streaming takes over the music business, there are signs that the CD is still going strong–just not at Best Buy or Target.

Fast Company

Sénégal: Industrie musicale – Les acteurs pour une régulation du secteur

Pour marquer ses deux années d’existence, MusikBi, premier site africain de téléchargement légal de musique en Afrique francophone, a réuni, des acteurs de l’industrie musicale au Sénégal pour discuter sur les maux qui gangrènent le secteur.

Le Soleil

Music Education

African Music Institute, partner of Berklee College of Music, opening in Gabon

The prestigious partner of AMI, Berklee, is regarded as one of the most famous independent music schools in the world and boasts more than 280 Grammys awarded to its alumni, including greats such as blues guitarist John Mayer, fusion keyboardist Joe Zawinul, bassists Esperanza Spalding, saxophonist Brandford Marsalis and jazz pianist Diana Krall.

Music in Africa

Are lessons killing my child’s love of music?

When I was pregnant, I imagined standing at the front door, waving a small boy off to school. He had scruffy hair, scuffed knees, grey shorts and – always – a violin case on his back.

The Telegraph

AI could be the future maestro of music education

AI is opening up a world that users can automate, personalize, and learn from. The music and education sectors are not exempt from the efficiency of emerging technologies.

Venture Beat

Youth Music calls for a ‘new model for music education’

Music should be led by young people’s interests and less focused on prescriptive outcomes, according to the findings of a schools action research programme.

Arts Professional

Best Guitar Apps for Learning How to Play Guitar

If you’re learning how to play guitar, you know that practice makes perfect.

Music Advisor

Plusieurs collèges français vont enseigner la production de musique électronique

Succédant à la Fabrique à Chansons (initiée dans les écoles primaires) et répondant à l’arrivée massive d’une très jeune génération de producteurs sur la scène française, la Fabrique Electro va donc faire son entrée dans les collèges dès la rentrée scolaire.

Les Inrocks

Policy, Research & Politics

All the Rage: When Is Music a Political Action

Is producing music pointless? Is writing concert music selfish? What does writing and performing concert music do anyway? How does it help people? How does it feed them? How does it fix greed and corruption? How does it prevent an unnecessary war? How does it stop teenagers from fighting in combat and dying?

New Music Box

Same Old Rap: The Grammys’ Race Toward Irrelevance

It’s time to acknowledge that the Grammy Awards has a real race problem on its hands: It’s racing toward total irrelevance.


An Unlikely Youth Revolution at the Paris Opera

According to the company, it had 95,000 audience members younger than 28 last season — more than 10 percent of tickets sold and 30,000 more than just two years before.

The New York Times

East African Women in the Music Industry Sing Out Against Male Domination

“Women in music: We have made ourselves known in the music industry around the world. Yet gender inequality, sexism, and pay gaps persist,” said Carola Kinasha, a Tanzanian-based musician and activist who recently moderated a panel discussion on women in music.

Global Voices

All that jazz: Saudis attend country’s first jazz festival

Men and women swayed to music at Saudi Arabia’s first-ever jazz festival on Friday, the second of a three-day outdoor event that showcases the Kingdom’s recent efforts of shedding its conservative image.


Musique & politique en Côte d’Ivoire

Des musiques négro-africaines nées dans les labeurs des plantations esclavagistes d’Amérique au chant des partisans en passant par le tout aussi populaire que dansant indépendance Tcha Tcha du Congo, la musique a toujours été partie intégrante de « l’arsenal politique ».


Technologies and media

Google launched a simple browser-based sequencer for making music

A browser-based experience, Song Maker is a sequencer that allows you to program loops for two different instruments of your choosing, then save it or send to someone else for collaboration.

The Verge

Is the internet actually benefiting the music industry?

For some counter-culture genres of music, the digital revolution has been a blessing as well as a curse.

New Statesman

Spotify’s scary mind-reading ways to serve you music

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has an uncanny understanding of its users tastes.

The Irish Times

Un piano joue tout seul en suivant les gestes d’un danseur

Grâce à des capteurs, un piano joue seul en suivant les gestes d’un danseur.

France Musique

The Pointy End

Do You Think You’ve Already Forged Your Lifelong Taste in Music?

Do you and your siblings, cousins or friends who are a few years younger or older than you love the same songs? What about your parents or other adults: do you share the same favorite musical artists?

The New York Times

Daring To Dream: A Carpenter Tries To Build A Piano In Rwanda

It’s a new undertaking for the carpenter of 20 years — and for Rwanda. The finished product would be the first Rwandan-made piano, a musical milestone for this landlocked East African country.


10 Times Andy Warhol Left His Stamp on Music

Andy Warhol is widely considered to be one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. But beyond creating some of America’s most iconic works of art, it is undeniable that his work has influenced pop culture at large, especially music.


Music Minds Matter: New helpline aims to lend an ear to musicians in need

Callers to a new helpline can connect with therapists and receive advice on issues like debt and welfare services.

The Independent

La musique comme thérapie pour soigner les maladies

Ces dernières années, les thérapies musicales ont le vent en poupe : de quoi s’agit-il exactement et pourquoi ça marche ?

France Info


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