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[The Spectator] Even in his late 80s Tippett was still in love with the sound that music makes

The Tuning Of The Rose Lake at Bell Music
Roto toms for The Rouse Lake (source)

Tippett never stopped thinking big, either. Literally: 87 years old and almost blind, he wrote (or rather tried to write) his final work The Rose Lake on sheets of manuscript paper a metre high. During an afternoon talk before this performance by Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra, Tippett’s biographer Oliver Soden showed a series of pages from the manuscript, with Tippett’s handwriting becoming ever more crabbed and sparse up to the heartbreaking point where his strength gave out and he resorted to dictation. Meanwhile a colour snap from Tippett’s 1990 holiday in Senegal showed the miraculous colour-shifting mineral lagoon that inspired the piece looking dispiritingly beige.

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