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[Digicult] Rave your Algorithm: Interview with Renick Bell

Renick Bell is a computer musician, programmer, and teacher from West Texas but has lived in Tokyo since 2006, where he is a graduate of the doctoral program at Tama Art University and previously was a doctoral student at Denki University. He has a Master degree in Music Technology from Indiana University and an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Electronic music, Studio Art, and Philosophy from Texas Tech University. His current research interests are live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic composition using open source software, inspired by Alex McLean’s “Making music with text(ure)”.

He is the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language. He has performed in many countries and he is considered as a pioneer of the Algorave alternative music scene, worldwide growing with rave-style events where people dance to music generated from algorithms, through software such as Max/MSP and SuperCollider by artists like Slub and Algobabez.  As an artist, Renick Bell is best-known for weaving intricate electronic music using live code created by a generative music system he built himself to avoid frustration by the restrictive programmes available to process electronic music.

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