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[Universal] Kurtag- 90th birthday *** Video message from Simon Rattle *** Video- Marta and Gyorgy Kurtag play Bach *** Score downloads, publications, recordings

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On the                                                            Dial

Happy Birthday, György Kurtág!
Today the whole musical world celebrate György Kurtág’s birthday. He has been composing for more than 70 years, and for more than five decades Editio Musica Budapest has been his principal publisher.

Kurtág, even now at 90, is young at heart. In the last years he has written a new orchestral piece and numerous piano and chamber works. Additionally, since 2010 he has been working on his life’s greatest artistic undertaking: the opera Fin de partie after Samuel Beckett. We wish him continuing activity and energy.


The UMPC team: Editio Musica Budapest – Durand-Salabert-Eschig – Ricordi

Video: Sir Simon Rattle sends
birthday wishes to Kurtág
On February 18, 19 and 20, Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker perform Kurtág’s latest orchestra work Petite Musique solennelle en hommage à Pierre Boulez 90. In this video Sir Simon Rattle and Gábor Tarkövi (Principal Trumpet, Berliner Philharmoniker) send their birthday wishes.

« Your music is deep in all of our hearts. You call it fragments. But they are fragments of such an extraordinary weight and density and meaning. You have made us listen differently. You have enriched our lives », says Sir Simon Rattle.

Selected Works

Stele op. 33 (1994)
for large orchestra
Duration: 13′

Brefs messages op. 47 (2011)
for chamber ensemble
Duration: 10′

… pas à pas – nulle part … op. 36 (1993-1998)
for baritone solo, percussion and string trio
Text: poems by Samuel Beckett and maxims by Sébastien Chamfort adopted by Samuel Beckett
Duration: 35′

Video: Márta and György Kurtág play Bach
Editio Musica Budapest has also published several Bach transcriptions for piano four hands by Kurtág. On November 30, 2015, the Budapest Music Center recorded a video of Márta and György Kurtág, « the most incredible team in classical team » (Sir Simon Rattle), playing Bach’s Das alte Jahr vergangen ist (BWV 614), Vier Duette no. 3 (BWV 804) and Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (BWV 106). Click below to watch the video.

New publications
Our birthday presents to György Kurtág are two new publications. The first is a piano piece composed in 2013 entitled …couple egyptienne en route vers l’inconnu… (…an Egyptian couple on the way to the unknown…) which was inspired by a more than 4000-year-old Egyptian statue. The other is the reproduction of the music notebook into which, over 32 years, György Kurtág copied a succession of movements in the series of Games for Zoltán Kocsis. This notebook – Kocsis Zoli’s manuscript book – is, even now, frequently performed by Kocsis.

ECM New Series has been a primary source for György Kurtág recordings since the mid-90s, when the label released Hommage à R. Sch and Movement for viola and orchestra, both featuring Kim Kashkashian. Other major recordings include Kafka-Fragmente, Signs, Games and Messages (with Kurtág’s settings of Hölderlin and Beckett), as well as the recordings of Márta and György Kurtág playing the Játékok miniatures and Bach transcriptions. These can be heard both on the album Játékok and on the DVD/Blu-ray release Hommage à Haydée. Later this year ECM will release Kurtág’s Collected Works for Ensemble and Choir.


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