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impuls . International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music

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impuls . Composition Competition

impuls . Composition Workshop

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impuls 2018/2019  


1.)   impuls . Composition Competition – looking forward: Composers selected for 2021

2.)   impuls . Academy 2019 – looking back

3.)   impuls . Festival 2019 – looking back



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All data stored by impuls . Verein zu Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik are only used for the purpose of this non profit organization (such as for the administration of the impuls Academy, the impuls Composition Competition, for event organization and similar). The data are not handed on to any uninvolved third parties, are not sold and are not used improperly. impuls also saves data of newsletter subscribers – these ones, such as any other personal ones, will of course be deleted by us on demand (please send an E-Mail to mentioning the address/data to be deleted).







We would like to thank all composers again, who have shared their works, materials and concepts with us for the impuls Composition Competition back in 2018. By now a jury consisting of both composers and musicians (Pierluigi Billone, Bernhard Gander, Vera Fischer, Dmitri Kourliandski, Mikael Rudolfsson) selected four composers from close to a hundred applications sent in from various nations and four continents – Ole Hübner (*1993, Germany), Alexander Kaiser (*1985, Italy), Emre Sihan Kaleli (*1987, Turkey), Sonja Mutić (*1984, Serbia/Croatia) – and identified additional ones in case the program should still be enlarged, amongst them Chinese composer Yiqing Zhu. At least the first four composers mentioned will take part in the upcoming impuls Composition Workshop in Vienna and Graz with Klangforum Wien coming along with commissions by impuls to write new pieces for this most prestigious ensemble. The premieres will take place in 2021 in Graz during the impuls Festival 2021.


Bildergebnis für klangforum wien fotos

Klangforum Wien_Foto Lukas Beck


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* close to 270 regular Academy participants coming from 4 continents and more than 50 nations

* enlarged team of international tutors offering instrumental and composition classes as well as classes for electronics, improvisation, yoga and intermedia projects a.o besides chamber music and ensemble playing

* various special programs and more than 40 lectures, discussions, workshops in 12 days …

* various presentations during the impuls Festival


2019-02-17P2170478  2019-02-19P2190944 2019-02-18P2180671

impuls participants / Bernhard Gander / Volkmar Klien / Peter Rundel


>>> Check summary here






* 12 days with concerts of both young and internationally renowned musicians and composers, newly established formations as well as already existing ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Schallfeld, Ensemble Nikel, IEMA Ensemble and zone exérimentale basel

* 12 days with performances, installations and presentations of special projects such as Another Stage, Music Extended, Percussion Extended, Algorithm that Matters, Micro-Music Lab, CinemaScope Music a.m.o.

* special formats like Salon Concerts and Late Nights, MarathonConcerts, MinuteConcerts, …, and various music communication programs

* Premières, most recent contemporary compositions – amongst others also impuls commissions – as well as compositions of the 20th century at various concerts with works by more than 186 composers. In total 111 world premieres plus 7 Austrian first nights; altogether 288 works including 9 improvisations were performed in public.


orge Foto_TscherkasskyJorge Sánchez-Chiong / impuls participants / Ensemble Nikel_Film by Peter Tscherkassky at various performances


>>> Check summary here




Many thanks to our Cooperation-Partners 2018/2019







impuls . Verein zur Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik . Brandhofgasse 21 . A-8010 Graz

founding & artistic board members: Beat Furrer + Ernst Kovacic

secretary general: Ute Pinter .

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