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1.) impuls . Text im Klang . New impuls commissions

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3.) impuls . Ulysses Platform




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All data stored by impuls . Verein zu Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik are only used for the purpose of this non profit organization (such as for the administration of the impuls Academy, the impuls Composition Competition, for event organization and similar). The data are not handed on to any uninvolved third parties, are not sold and are not used improperly. impuls also saves data of newsletter subscribers – these ones, such as any other personal ones, will of course be deleted by us on demand (please send an E-Mail to mentioning the address/data to be deleted).






The impuls project „Text im Klang“, realised in cooperation with the literature department of Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten in Graz, is heading towards its fourth edition. Meant as a laboratory, in which medial interlacings with a focal point on impulse are put into practice, composers draw their inspiration from literature.

This time impuls commissions new works from the young composers Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, Yulan Yu, Joan Gómez Alemany and Pedro Berardinelli, who are taking their initial impulses from the writings and specially from a personal exchange with the author Thomas Antonic.

Upcoming March the commissions will be realised by Ensemble Schallfeld and interwoven with a reading-performance of the author contributing new texts as well.

>>> Further info




Please find some more (medium term) dates:

The next edition of impuls MinuteConcerts in Graz is scheduled for spring 2020 – we will keep you updated per newsletter and post a call for contributions this autumn.

The next edition of the impuls Academy in Graz is planned for the period +- 15.-28.2.2021, and so is another edition of the impuls Composition Competition. In both cases registrations will not be possible before spring 2020, the exact dates will then be published on both our homepage and per newsletter of course.

Please also note that the impuls office will not be staffed throughout the summer this year. So please excuse if we might not get back to you as quickly as usual. In case you do not read from us within 3 weeks, please resend your message to make sure we receive it. Wishing you a great summer to come as well!




impuls is one of the founding members of ULYSSES and engaged in several of its projects since its official start back in 2016.



The ULYSSES Platform


The ULYSSES Platform is an online platform for wide network of artists (musicians, composers, conductors), artistic directors, cultural managers and organizations from all over the world united by a common passion: contemporary music. The platform has to date almost 3500 members and the amount is growing constantly. Becoming a member is and will be free of charge.


As a member, you can use the ULYSSES Platform to:

• Create your profile with relevant information (biography, works…)

• Submit applications to calls

• Spot new works and possible collaborators

• Share artistic content and other documents of your work (scores, recordings, videos…) as well as information about events you’re involved

• Communicate with other members


Behind the Platform: The ULYSSES Network

The ULYSSES Network brings together 13 European partner institutions involved in the support and promotion of young artists. These institutions are academies, summer schools, ensembles and festivals devoted to contemporary music and developing of the careers of young European composers and performers. ULYSSES Network and also the current platform are supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

More information about the ULYSSES Network




Many thanks to our Cooperation-Partners 2018/2019







impuls . Verein zur Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik . Brandhofgasse 21 . A-8010 Graz

founding & artistic board members: Beat Furrer + Ernst Kovacic

secretary general: Ute Pinter .

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