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[FACT] A guide to Pierre Schaeffer, the godfather of sampling, by Jonathan Patrick

François Bayle, Pierre Schaeffer, Bernard                  Parmegiani at GRM in Paris, 1972

François Bayle, Pierre Schaeffer and Bernard Parmegiani at GRM in 1972

Nearly 50 years before DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing was hailed as the first album made entirely of samples, a French broadcaster envisioned a music made solely from pre-recorded loops.

Sampling, and even to an extent turntablism, can be traced back to the recording experiments of Pierre Schaeffer. An engineer, writer, composer, philosopher, musicologist, educator and acoustician, Schaeffer is one of the most influential figures in modern music, known for pioneering a radical innovation in 20th century music: musique concrète.

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