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[United Instruments of Lucilin] May 2020: « Profiles », a new series of interviews


May 2020: « Profiles« , a new series of interviews


United Instruments of Lucilin’s Profiles 

United Instruments of Lucilin is glad to announce the release of their interview series called  »United Instruments of Lucilin’s Profiles ».

« Profiles », co-produced with the CNA, focuses on national and international composers, with whom Lucilin had the pleasure to work. For this first season, 4 interviews will be published.


The first Profiles episode features the outstanding composer and friend Toshio Hosokawa.

The collaboration between Toshio Hosokawa and Lucilin already goes back many years, with, among others, the monodrama « The Raven », inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem and commissioned by United Instruments of Lucilin. 

This interview and the upcoming other releases will be uploaded on our United Instruments of Lucilin Youtube page.

>> Sit back and enjoy the first interview here <<

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