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[Plateforme Ulysse] Newsletter #23 • Spring Calls and Fresh Listening​


ULYSSES Ensemble


Discover our calls selection and the latest news








IEMA klangspuren

September 10-26, 2021

✎ End of submissions

Monday, April 26


conductor course

September 5-13, 2021

✎ End of submissions
Friday, April 30



#SaintSulpice2021 Composition Competition

For the Great Organ

✎ End of submissions Saturday, May 15


A wide selection of calls on ULYSSES Platform

- do you have one to announce?


The ULYSSES Platform gathers information about contemporary music calls from all over the world. You can find workshops, online courses, master’s tracks and competitions from our calls page.


Are you organizing a call? Send us the information with the form you can find on the Platform, and we are happy to publish it for free. The ULYSSES Platform also includes a premium call tool you can use to organize your call from A to Z for a small fee.

How about some listening?



ULYSSES Platform has a collection of almost 1700 works

As a signed in member you can browse through the collection of works uploaded by other members or let the radio fuction select you the surprising choices.


ULYSSES Partners present, #1

Joan Goméz Alemany’s work commissioned by impuls academy / competition / festival for Text im Klang #4 is performed by Schallfeld Ensemble


ULYSSES Partners present, #2

IRCAM’s March Playlist includes works by Andrea Agostini, Andrea Cera, Giuilia Lorusso, Francisco Alvarado, Francesca Verunelli, Ann Cleare and more.


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