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[Plateforme Ulysse] ULYSSES Network Newsletter – June 2021​

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Dear Friends of the ULYSSES Network,

Summer is here, and we hope that you will be able to enjoy it with us!


As borders and venues slowly open up again, we are happy to announce numerous ULYSSES activities for this summer, all over Europe.
A new ULYSSES Ensemble starts its tour in France this month, before traveling to Spain in the Autumn. While many more young performers and composers get on their ULYSSES Journey, others take over different European cities in order to explore their various
historical, cultural, political, and social contexts and to create in a closer relationship with their citizens.

More details on all these activities are to be found below, and don’t miss regular updates on our Timeline!


Looking forward to meeting you again this summer!
The ULYSSES Network TeamCoordination



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ULYSSES Ensemble Tour 2021

Stop 1+2 –

Ircam (FR)/

Royaumont (FR)



Every summer since 2017, the ULYSSES Network invites young international performers in the domain of new music to participate in the ULYSSES Ensemble tour.

The ensemble tours through Europe and benefits from several work-sessions in different places, including rehearsals and a series of public concerts with world-class conductors while presenting a different repertoire at each stop.


The first two stops of the tour in 2021 take place at ManiFeste (IRCAM, Paris FR) and Royaumont Foundation (Royaumont FR), where the young performers work with different chefs, composers and fellow musicians and on various repertoire, including the world premiere of the ULYSSES co-commission to Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis.



Photo © Quentin Chevrier


ULYSSES Journeys for performers and composers – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)



As every year, the Divertimento Ensemble hosts young performers and composers on the occasion of their ULYSSES Journeys.


On July 21st the singers having been selected through the Call for Young Performers / Voice, including Esther-Elisabeth Rispens  as ULYSSES performer present the results of their masterclass with Alda Caiello in two public concerts in Milan (IT).


In August ULYSSES composers Clara Olivares and Tuomas Kettunen get the chance to participate in the International Workshop for Young Composers organized in Moncalvo (IT) with Stefano Gervasoni and Marco Stroppa and to present their new works in five public concerts between the 3rd and 10th September in different Italian cities.


Visual @ Divertimento Ensemble


ULYSSES Journeys for composers

Ircam (FR)





In the framework of IRCAM’s multidisciplinary festival and academy, ManiFeste, Aleksandra Kaca and Vitali Karagkezidis have been selected to participate, in the framework of their ULYSSES Journeys, in a week-long workshop with Ensemble intercontemporain, working on new pieces under the baton of Vimbayi Kaziboni and with the guidance of composer Raphaël Cendo.


They present the finalized pieces in a public concert on June 19th @ 104, Paris (FR).



Photo @ Guillaume Chauvin

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InSitu/City: Sofia – IEMA (DE)



The “In-Situ/City” activity is aimed at putting young artists squarely in the middle of various European social contexts and creating closer relationships with European citizens.

The city – with all that it implies from a historical, cultural, political and social perspective – will be the focal point of these activities.


On this occasion the young IEMA musicians cooperate with the 180° laboratory in Sofia (BG), inviting local artists from diverse backgrounds to create collectively an interdisciplinary work inspired by the city.


In July, the results are presented during the 180° – laboratory for innovative art Festival 2021.


Photo © Barbara Fahle

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Young Ensembles: Schallfeld –

impuls (AT)


Schallfeld is an international ensemble for contemporary music based in Graz and one of the young ensembles supported by the ULYSSES Network.


This summer the ensemble is invited to ManiFeste at IRCAM, Paris (FR), where it premieres a new piece with live-electronics, written by Rachel Beja, in the framework of a ULYSSES Co-Commission.


The ensemble then continues to impuls, Graz (AT) in August 2021, working with Pierluigi Billone, one of the academy´s composition tutors on a new piece and with  academy participants for the public presentations of their workshops. All information about the public concerts is available here.


Photo © Schallfeld Ensemble

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Young ensembles: Black Page Orchestra- Divertimento Ensemble (IT) +
impuls (AT)


Black Page Orchestra is one of the ensembles benefitting from the Young Ensembles program of the ULYSSES Network. This summer the ensemble tours to Milan (IT) to perform in the framework of the Rondò concert season on 1st July.

The program includes a new piece by Aart Strootman, a ULYSSES co-commission.


At impuls (AT) in August 2021, they take the position of junior-tutors, offering workshops for young composers, and take advantage of  the support of senior academy tutors on site. Black Page Orchestra is featured with two public concerts and gets the chance to connect with young composers as well as with

François Sarhan, one of the academy´s composition tutors. Further information here.


Photo © Black Page Orchestra

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ULYSSES Journeys for composers –

Time of Music (FI)



On the occasion of the 2021 edition of the Time of Music festival in Viitasaari (FI), Greek composer Georgia Koumará attends the Rebellion for Sale course taught by composer Brigitta Muntendorf and director Michael Höppner.


Rebellion for Sale is a laboratory for interdisciplinary artistic interplay/cooperation that focuses on practical experimentation and collaborative reflection with participants from the fields of composition, instrumental/ vocal/body performance, and improvisation. It is an invitation to develop compositional ideas in an artistic dialogue by contributing and expanding the own skills as well as trying out different ways of working together.


Joint critical reflection and the creation of interdisciplinary works are at the heart of the lab and culminate in a presentation.
More information here.



Photo © Ville Waali

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InSitu/City: Hamburg « Farewell » –




In Summer 2021 the interdisciplinary InSitu/City-project, organized at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (DE) explores the multiple facets of the notion of “farewell”.


Within this exploration, young composers and musicians work together with theater students and professionals from various disciplines to create an artistic sphere that allows transforming into art the sentimental and not so sentimental matters that come with the topic.


Hamburg, with its port in the city center, is one important factor in dealing with “farewells”, but attention is also paid to the overall philosophical aspects attached to this matter. Further information here.



Visual © HfMT

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Journeys for performers –




In direct connection with the InSitu/City project “Farewell”, the akademie kontemporär 2021 in Hamburg (DE), offers young composers and musicians from the fields of contemporary music/multimedia and jazz the opportunity to work together with lecturers from the field of theater/performance – the Stuttgart-based Herbordt/Mohren – and members of an ensemble for contemporary music – the Berlin ensemble LUX:NM.


Mar Sala Romagosa (flute, ES), Nicolo Neri (cello, IT) and Elena Perales (clarinet, ES) have been selected to participate in the framework of their ULYSSES Journey.

They will present their work in several concerts and performances in the urban context between 29th August and 5th September.


Photo © HfMT

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InSitu/City: Graz – impuls (AT)




In the city of Graz (AT) Forum Stadtpark has been an early center for artistic, scientific, and political activities already back in the late 50ies.


For InSitu/City, impuls builds upon both the avant-garde, in the sense of the daring, experimental, trendsetting arts and its sociopolitical role, using Forum Stadtpark as symbol and venue for the InSitu/City activities, in cooperation with architect Heidrun Primas, and in the objective to establish links to various scenes in Graz and involve young artists from other parts in Europe


The project starts in August 2021 and includes several working sessions until its final presentation in 2023. To be continued!



Photo © impuls

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ULYSSES Journeys for composers –

impuls (AT)



For its exceptional summer edition 21, impuls (AT) hosts three young promising composers in the framework of the ULYSSES Journeys and actively involves them in the impuls Academy and Festival, and in cooperation with the young ensembles supported by the network as well.


This year Itziar Viloria develops a new piece with Samuel Toro Pérez, guitarist of the Black Page Orchestra while Tuomas Kettunen works with members of Ensemble Schallfeld.

Both also participate in the special workshop Instant Composing.

Georgia Koumará in the meantime participates in InSitu/City : Graz.



Photo @ impuls

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ULYSSES Journeys for Composers – Royaumont Foundation (FR)



The Voix Nouvelles Academy presents a rare opportunity to progress under the guidance of world-famous composers and performers. For its 2021 edition, the Royaumont Festival is placed under the idea of the American counterculture.


The participating composers, among whose Matteo Gualandi has been selected as ULYSSES Journey composer, are invited to get inspiration from the Pink Floyd’s concert at Royaumont in 1971 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this event).


Their works are presented on 5th September in the framework of the Royaumont Festival.



Photo © Royaumont Foundation


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