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[Plateforme Ulysse] Newsletter #28 • Autumn’s Festival Season​


ULYSSES Ensemble


Discover our calls selection and the latest news









For composers under the age of 36

✎ End of submissions

Friday, October 1


piano course

Call for young performers

✎ End of submissions
Friday, October 1



Composition competition by IRCAM and the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France

✎ End of submissions Wednesday, November 3


Concerts available from ManiFeste-2021 and Gaudeamus


IRCAM’s ManiFeste Festival offers a selection of concerts online for 6 months after the festival, including ULYSSES Ensemble, one of our project activities.

The recently ended Gaudeamus Festival will also upload complete concerts to their YouTube Channel in the near future.


Festivals live right now



Ultima Festival 2021 is happening

Ultima Contemporary Music Festival is on until 25th September in Oslo, Norway. A great amount of live concerts are happening, including ULYSSES Network programme Remake.

warsaw autumn

Warsaw Autumn publishes concerts from the festival

Warsaw Autumn is on until 27th September. You can follow many of the concerts as live streams or recorded videos.


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