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[Elaine Chew] Mathemusical Conversations, the book

The book celebrates the understanding of music through mathematics, and the appreciation of mathematics through music. This volume is a compilation of the invited talks given at the Mathemusical Conversations workshop that took place in Singapore from 13–15 February 2015, organized by Elaine Chew in partnership with Gérard Assayag for the scientific program and with Bernard Lanskey for the artistic program. The contributors are world experts and leading scholars, writing on the intersection of music and mathematics. They also focus on performance and composition, two topics which are foundational both to the understanding of human creativity and to the creation of tomorrow’s music technologies. This book is essential reading for researchers in both music and mathematics. It will also appeal more broadly to scholars, students, musicians, and anyone interested in new perspectives on the intimate relationship between these two universal human activities.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Series Editors
Foreword by Workshop Organizers

Part I. Mathemusical Engagement
Without Our Consent (Paul Schoenfield)
Approaches to Musical Expression in Harmonix Video Games (Eran Egozy)
Motion and Gravitation in the Musical Spheres (Elaine Chew)

Part II. Mathemusical Creativity
Improvising in Creative Symbolic Interaction (Gérard Assayag)
Music, Creativity, and Computers (Margaret A Boden)
Tiling Canons as a Key to Approaching Open Mathematical Conjectures? (Moreno Andreatta)

Part III. Shaping Performance
Musical Motives in Performance: A Study of Absolute Timing Patterns (Neta Spiro, Nicolas Gold and John Rink)
Playing with Variables: Anticipating One Particular Performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations (Bernard Lanskey and Stephen Emmerson)
The Informatics Philharmonic in the Indiana University Summer String Academy (Christopher Raphael)

Part IV. Educating the Mathemusical
Mathematical Thought and Empirical Approaches in Higher Education in Music (Jian Yang)
Action and Symbol: An Essential Tension (Jeanne Bamberger)
Educating the Mathemusical: Balancing the Equation (Don McLean)

Part V. Geometries
Graph-theoretic and Geometric Models of Music (Richard Cohn)
In Quest of Musical Vectors (Dmitri Tymoczko)
A Topological Approach of Musical Relationships (Jean-Louis Giavitto and Antoine Spicher)

Interested individuals and institutions can purchase the book from World Scientific, Amazon, and Amazon-UK.

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