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[WBUR] Le compositeur Thomas Adès s’installe dans la vie musicale de Boston (en anglais). Extraits.

Among contemporary composers, 45-year-old Thomas Adès has had, more than most of his contem­poraries, an impressive number of his works performed and even repeated in Boston — by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for which he’s also conducted several memorable programs; the BSO Chamber Players, with which he’s also performed as a pianist; and notably Opera Boston and its successor, Odyssey Opera, for which artistic director Gil Rose has mounted and led with considerable success Adès’s most famous (and most notorious?) work, his scandalous opera about a British sex scandal, “Powder Her Face.”

Last spring, the BSO finally announced its first “artistic partner” — some version of a composer-in-residence. To few people’s surprise, that partner would be Thomas Adès.

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