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Vibrations' influence on perception of sound space: Application on Diesel vehicle




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Vibrations' influence on perception of sound space: Application on Diesel vehicle


Frere, Aurelie (auteur)


UPMC , 2011



vibration   sound   perception   multimodality   Diesel sound


In this thesis work, we focus on the vibrations influence of the seat and of the steering wheel on sound perception of Diesel vehicles and we try to extract characteristics named positive, related to the preference. In addition to this multimodal approach, the cross-cultural question is tackled between France and Germany to ensure users' judgments of these two European countries with lots of Diesel cars. The characterization of this Diesel source can be done, first, by the definition of what is Diesel during its operating state. The first experiment of this work, on the basis of a corpus of various Diesel vehicles, answers to it. As much for French as for German people, the driving situations which best represent the sound of a Diesel car is hot idle and acceleration. Therefore, by focusing on each of both driving situations, their sound space reveals known and new features. Indeed, the hot idle of various Diesel vehicles are distinguished by their modulation frequency and people depreciate those with strong modulation. Moreover, this dimension is characterized by groups of vehicles which belong to the same cars classification. Also, other acoustic parameters allow to distinguish them along the second dimension of the sound space. Concerning the acceleration, the different unsteady loudness N5, N10 and STLmax distinguish the fifteen vehicles at order 1. In the same way as for the hot idle, the second dimension can be explained by a linear combination of several descriptors. With these results, we validate those discussed in the field by the scientific community with a multidimensional approach. Finally, the vibrations influence of the seat and of the steering wheel on the sound perception of Dieselness and on the multi-dimensional space obtained, is discussed. In the first case, except for a slightly greater severity in Germany, the results show no significant impact of this modality on the Dieselness perception. The hot idle and the acceleration are still considered as the most representative of that feature. In the second case, still here, their influence is not significant: the sound space and the preference are not thereby be altered. The recognition and the hedonic appraisal of a Diesel car come mainly from its acoustic component. Theses results will contribute to continue in the sound quality way to make of the Diesel sound, an appreciated sound.


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2012-07-27 02:00:00

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