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New Possibilities in Sound Analysis and Synthesis






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New Possibilities in Sound Analysis and Synthesis


Rodet, Xavier (auteur)
Depalle, Philippe (auteur)
Garcia, Guillermo (auteur)


Dourdan, France , 1995



analyse et synthèse sonores   physical models (computer simulations)   class of models   natural sounds   castrato voice   additive synthesis method


In this presentation we exemplify the emergence of new possibilities in sound analysis and synthesis with three novel developments that have been done in the Analysis/Synthesis team at IRCAM. These examples address three main activities in our domain, and have reached a large public making or simply listening to music. The first example concerns synthesis using physical models. We have determined the behavior of a class of models, in terms of stability, oscillation, periodicity, and finally chaos, leading to a better control of these models in truly innovative musical applications. The second example concerns additive synthesis essentially based on the analysis of natural sounds. We have developed a new additive method based on spectral envelopes and inverse Fast Fourier Transform, which we name FFT-1 and which provides a solution to the different difficulties of the classical method. Commercial applications are announced for this year, for professional users and soon for a larger public. The last example is an original work on the recreation of a castrato voice by the means of sound analysis, processing andsynthesis. It has been done for the soundtrack for a film and a CD about Farinelli, the famous castrato of the eighteenth century. The CD and the film have reached millions of people all around the world.


Contribution au colloque ou congrès : ISMA: International Symposium of Music Acoustics


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