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Instruction's effect on semantic scale ratings of interior car sounds.






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Instruction's effect on semantic scale ratings of interior car sounds.


Susini, Patrick (auteur)
Houix, Olivier (auteur)
Misdariis, Nicolas (auteur)
Smith, Bennett K. (auteur)
Langlois, Sabine (auteur)





The aim of the study presented here is to examine the effects of instructions on the perception of a sequence of interior car sounds in three different conditions. In each condition, participants listened to the same sound sequence, but the type of information given during the instruction phase, prior to the listening test, were different. In the first condition, a group of participants listens to the sound sequence without any external information except that the sound sequence was recorded inside a car. In the second condition, another group of participants was informed by a text of the successive events that are presented in the sound sequence. In the third condition, participants were informed first by the same text as in condition 2, and then by several pictures showing the different steps that could be heard from the beginning to the end of the sound sequence. Each of the three groups of subjects participated in three tasks: an identification task, a recognition task, and a semantic judgment task using twelve verbal attributes. We assessed how listeners' judgments of the sound sequence were affected by external information. Results show that the effect is dependant on the type of verbal attribute and on the combination of external information. The verbal information, provided without visual information in condition 2, improves the identification and recognition scores, and thus influences positively the comprehension of the sound sequence and the feeling of immersion. The added visual information, in condition 3, does not change the identification scores, but affects judgements on the pleasantness scale. It appears that the perception of the sound sequence was influenced by visual cues. This study reveals that the format of instructions influences perceptive judgments of the sound sequence tested, but globally factors accounting for the participants' perception across the three conditions are not modified.


Article paru dans : Applied Acoustics vol. 70 n°3


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